Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E43 :: The Best of 2010

Well, as another year comes to an end, I sat down in the studio this week with my decade-long partner in crime, Nicole d'Entremont, to talk about some of the best local tunes of 2010. Unfortunately, since there was only an hour to get through all this stuff I had to leave a few choice numbers off the playlist including selections by Glory Glory Man United, Kuato, Quaker Parents, Bike Rodeo & Long Long Long - to name a few.

Anyways, I hope you had as much fun listening to the show this year as I did hosting it. 2011 will bring some great surprises including new segments, live performances, and great guests.

Enjoy the final 2010 of Halifax Is Burning!

December 28, 2010
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Jon McKiel - Motion Pictures
Writer's Strike - Bad Time
Gloryhound - TKO Tokyo
Radio Radio - Dekshoo
Boxer The Horse - Mary Meets The Pilot
Wintersleep - Encyclopedia
Thrush Hermit - In The Morning
Plumtree - Scott Pilgrim
Cousins - Nans
Bloodhouse - Digital Village
Cold Warps - Hang Up On You
Coco Et Co - State of Radio
Dance Movie - Carjack My Heart
Myles Deck & The Fuzz - Billy The Kid
The Superfantastics - Young Pups
Rich Aucoin - Undead

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E42

If you ask Santa for a Red Rider air rifle, you're almost sure to shoot your eye out. However, if you ask him for the best in local Christmas tunes, well then you're in luck. Not only did I play some of my favorite local Christmas songs on the show this week, members of The O' By Gollies stopped by the studio to play some carols and talk about their new album, "Oi! Holy Night," which you can download for free HERE.

Make sure you download that album, and this episode, and have a safe and happy holiday season!

December 21, 2010
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Wintersleep - We Three Kings
The Superfantastics - Do They Know It's Christmas?
The O' By Gollies - The Little Drummer Boy
The O' By Gollies - Oh Holy Night (live in studio)
The O' By Gollies - Silent Night
In-Flight Safety - Fairytale of New York
The O' By Gollies - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (live in studio)
The O' By Gollies - Carol of The Bells
Boxer The Horse - Material Xmas
Ruth Minnikin - Fur Elise
Carmen Townsend - O Come All Ye Faithful
Rich Aucoin - Oh My God

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

'Twas The Night Before Christmas

Halifax is Burning correspondent Jean-Paul Joseph Marc-André à Billy à Michel sur Armand sent in a very special Christmas gift for all the show's loyal fans.

Here, for the first time ever, is an mp3 version of his re-interpretation of the holiday classic 'Twas The Night Before Christmas.

I've also posted the written version, so you can follow along.


Merry Christmas!

by Jean-Paul Joseph Marc-André à Billy à Michel

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the boat
The only sounds stirring, were inside Jean-Michel’s throat
The boots were all placed on the heater with care
In hopes that friggen Santa Clause soon would be there

The boys were asleep in their bunks in the back
They saw visions of lobsters all caught in their traps
The wife was at home, probably drinking some booze
And I had just settled in on the boat for a bit of a snooze

When out on the ocean, there came a huge SLAM!!
I sat up in my bed, and I thought, “Oh ma Goddamn”
Away to the bow, well I went kind of slow
Took around on the deck, for something to throw

Well, the water was calm, there wasn’t a whale or a shark
Pretty well the whole damn ocean was pitch friggen dark
But out in the distance I saw, a little light and some snow
So I put the boat in gear, and away I did go

As I got close to the light, the boys they awoke
“Someone’s haulin our traps,” I said, and Francois lit up a smoke
“I’ll get the shotgun,” he cursed between puffs
“You don’t mess with my fishin’, I’m pretty damn tough”

As we got closer, the light started to glow
Down deep in the ocean, jeez, c’était ouellement beau
I lowered the trawl, to capture this thing
The ropes started to snap, like a tiny piece of string

The water got rough, gave us all quite a fright
And out of the ocean came a big beam of light
Like the stories in the Bible, the sea tore apart
The sky turned crazy colours, like some expensive piece of art

Behind the beam of light came sparkles and snow
Followed by a big giant sled, and a cheerful “Ho Ho Ho”
I saw reindeer, and presents – and, well, I had to hold on to my drawes
Cuz out of the ocean came goddamn Santa Clause

His hair was all white, and his belly was quite large
Bigger than Arnaud à Christien who’s got a stomach big as a barge
He had a big smile, grinned from ear to ear
And then he said something to me, I want you to hear

“Jean-Paul Joseph à Billy à Michel sur Armand”, he said with delight
“Thanks for finding me and my sleigh out in the water tonight
I crash landed you see, I caused quite a commotion
I think my brake pads were shot, and I slammed into the ocean”

“Then you came along, with your trawls and your gear
Well I tell you mister, you saved Christmas this year
So to thank you for your work, and I’ll grant you one thing
Whatever you like, Santa Clause will bring”
“Well gee,” I said to Santa, “that’s pretty damn kind
Things have been kinda tough for the boys on the grind
The prices of lobster have been too low to make cash
We’re driving to Halifax just to unload our stash”

“Don’t worry said Santa,” as he cranked up his sleigh
“From here on out, we’ll make those buyers pay
And lobsters will be on tables throughout the world
For Christmas supper for good boys and girls”

And with that he was gone, took off as fast as could be
Like a Ford F150, drivin’ in the grand prix
But I heard him exclaim, as he drove out of sight
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E41

Still looking for that unique gift to give to that special someone for Christmas? Might I suggest Grant Lawrence's new book "Adventures In Solitude." I had the opportunity to read the book, which is full of great stories and memories from a remote BC paradise called Desolation sound, and then catch up with Grant to talk about his recent success as an acclaimed author. Check out the interview on this week's episode.

In the meantime, here are some words of praise for Grant's book:

“By turns hilarious, terrifying, profound and strange, Adventures in Solitude is the great lost Canadian adventure story; Swiss Family Robinson as if rendered by Ken Kesey in his youth, a kind of Lord of the Flies through a fog of BC chronic.”
- Dave Bidini, author of On A Cold Road, and Tropic of Hockey.

“Grant Lawrence is a raconteur extraordinaire. With Adventures in Solitude, he reinvents his rock’n’roll persona to become part Bruno Gerussi, part Stuart McLean, part David Cross… A harrowing and hilarious tale of how a zit-ridden nerd survived hippie orgies, family feuds, and a rugged Canadian coastline that defeated one of history’s greatest explorers.”
- Michael Barclay, writer, Macleans Magazine

“Wow! The details are different but the story is very similar to my own: Being dragged kicking and screaming to a remote location with the family as a child, later rejecting it and refusing to go for 15 years or so and then going back and trying to figure out what my problem was. Of course, I was on the east coast of Canada, I never allowed my parents’ house to be destroyed by teenage hooligans and my band was actually pretty good, but the themes are universal.”
- Chris Murphy, bassist, Sloan

December 14, 2010
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Bird World - Swamp
Make No Gains - Write-Off Report
Bloodhouse - Endless Vacation
The Caravan - Alchemy
Buck 65 feat. Jenn Grant - Cold Steel Drum
The O' By Gollies - The Little Drummer Boy
Coco et. Co - Young Nation
Feature interview with Grant Lawrence
The Smugglers - Canadian Ambassadors
Spincycle Squared - My Love
Scribbler - My Old Lady
Grand Theft Bus - Do I Have To Dance?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E40

Wow. So much new stuff on the program this week. Bloodhouse! Olympic Symphonium! Laura Peek! Gloryhound! Coco et Co! and More!

Check it out.

December 7, 2010
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Bloodhouse - Endless Vacation
The Olympic Symphonium - Settle Down
Coco et Co. - Young Nation
The Grass - Lucky
Static In Action - A Subtle Reminder
Tupperware Remix Party - Technobama
Gloryhound - TKO Tokyo
Gloryhound - Electric Dusk
Laura Peek - Stay Sharp
Al Tuck - Buddah
Superfriendz - Green Hand
Three Sheet - Far From Fiction
Dance Movie - Fail
Jon McKiel - Monster Of The Miramichi

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E39

If you're out an about in Halifax this weekend, chances are you might be going out and supporting a series of great shows happening in support of the IWK. Crafts For Kids is a yearly event that raises money to buy craft and art supplies for kids at the IWK. All these shows are only $5, and a $15 donation will get you into every single show. Organizer of the events, Lindsay Allain, stopped by the studio this week to talk about the event. Seriously, go out and support this. If you can't make it out for one reason or another, then please make a donation to this awesome cause.

Check out this week's show:

November 30, 2010
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Carmen Townsend - Without My Love
In-Flight Safety - Crash/Land (Daniel Ledwell Remix)
Jon McKiel - Motion Pictures
Richard Lann - Skinny Love (Bon Iver Cover)
Dance Movie - Fail
Plumtree - Regret
Bloodhouse - You Was Wrong It Were Rad
Dog Day - Happiness
Bad Vibrations - We're Dead
Duzheknew - Moe
No Flyers Please - Moe
Quaker Parents - Layer Me Down
Glory Glory Man United - Pop Song Atomaton
Bikini Kill - I Hate Danger
Writers' Strike - Bad Time
Cursed Arrows - Chop You Up

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E38

What a jam-packed show this week! Debuted some great new songs, got to talk to Jeremy Lutes, co-founder of a great new music series happening in Halifax called Live At The Music Room. This month's edition features Jon McKiel. He also joined me on the phone from the road to talk about his new EP and his upcoming show this Thursday. There are still tickets available for the show, you can buy them here.

November 23, 2010
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Gloryhound - TKO Tokyo
David Myles - Gone For Long
Quaker Parents - Layer Me Down
Quivers - I've Got Nothing
Jon McKiel - Motion Pictures
Phone Interview with Jeremy Lutes
Jon McKiel - The Monster Of Miramichi
Phone Interview with Jon McKiel
Jon McKiel - Snow Owls
Bad Vibrations - Good/Bad
Texting Mackenzie - The Annex IV
Cursed Arrows - Gate Crasher
No Flyers Please - Dan Clahane
Glory Glory Man United - Loud Quiet Loud

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E37

After a few weeks of specialty episodes, Halifax Is Burning settled back into its normal habits with all the sneak peaks, regular segments and the best in Haligonian previews.

I played a whole bunch of new stuff on this week's show, which is always super exciting.

Check it out.

November 16, 2010
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Jenocide - Beachball
The North Lakes - Cold Ottawa Wind
Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans - Fell Off The Dock
Orchid's Curse - The Workhorse Walks Alone (Regret)
The Fantods - Betty
No Flyers Please - Dan Clahane
Jenn Grant - Dreamer
Dance Movie - You Think You Deserve That Pain But You Don't
Moses Corey - It Is What It Is
Frederick Squire - It Is In The Water
Three Sheet - At The End Of The Day
Kuato - Nazi Synthesizers
Instruments - Elephant Tusk

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E36

I'm a little late in getting this post up (about a week late to be precise), but I had lots of stuff on the go last week so forgive the tardiness.

As you may know, Halifax has lost one of its greatest institutions. The Rock Garden practice spaces on Hunter Street have been closed up for a few weeks now, so on last week's episode we took a look back at some of our favorite and fondest Rock Garden memories.

Take a listen.

November 9, 2010
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A/V - Ask Your Wife (About Her Double Life)
Glory Glory Man United - Zombies!!!
Myles Deck & The Fuzz - Hot Tongue, Cold Shoulder
Their Majesties - Shoestring Divider
The Stolen Minks - Viola Desmond
The Sweet Tenders - Seaside On The West Train
The Numbered Head - Manaction
Hot Yoga - Wasted Fine
Wintersleep - Encyclopedia
Bike Rodeo - Sleep Werk
Windom Earle - Pegasus VS Kitten
No Flyers Please - Dan Clahane
The Superfantastics - Evolution

Monday, November 8, 2010

Radio Radio Interview

About a month back, Halifax Is Burning correspondent Jean-Paul Joseph Marc André à Billy à Michel sur Armand interviewed the best Acadian hip-hop band in Canada (perhaps ever?) before a show in Halifax.

At the time, the band on the short list for the coveted Polaris Music Prize. Though they lost to another Francophone act (Karkwa), the band recently just picked up the SPACQ Fondation's Édith Butler award, given to the french singer-songwriter coming from a minority situation in Canada, and their newest album Belmundo Regal picked up the Nova Scotia Music Week Award for Francophone Artist/Group Recording of the Year.

Check out the interview.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E35


Tonight's show was jam-packed with awesome interviews. I interviewed not just one, but TWO of my favorite Canadian acts - Hannah Georgas and Rah Rah. In both interviews we talk a lot about success, touring and videos. To give yourself some context, check out these two amazing videos:

Hannah Georgas: "Thick Skin"

Rah Rah: "Henry"

Check out Hannah's performance in Halifax Wednesday @ The Company House with one of my new favorite local acts Dance Movie and Rah Rah's performance Thursday @ The New Palace with Wintersleep and The Besnard Lakes

November 2nd, 2010
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Milks & Rectangles - Auction Block
The Meligrove Band - Halflight
The Superfantastics - Young Pups
Phone Interview with Hannah Georgas
Hannah Georgas - This Is Good
Dance Movie - Partings
Rah Rah - Arrows
Phone Interview with Erin Passmore of Rah Rah
Rah Rah - Henry
The Besnard Lakes - Albatross
Wintersleep - Preservation
Cursed Arrows - Here In Time

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E34

Halloween approacheth! And seeing how it's my favorite holidays, I decided on this week's episode to focus on some local Halloween-themed songs. Before I got into the ghoulish tunes, however, I had a chat with The Stanfields' Craig Harris. The band is currently stranded in BC, and are asking for your help to get home. Learn more about how you can help HERE.

On to the tunes!

October 26, 2010
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The Ataris - Angry Nerd Rock
Five Easy Steps (To The End Of The World) - Man Enough For The End Of The World
Sandman Viper Command - Yo Bobcat
The Stanfields - Dagger Woods
The Stanfields - The Dirtiest Drunk (In The History Of Liquor)
The Maynards - Halloween Night
Sloan - Witches Wand
Buck 65 - Zombie Delight
Glory Glory Man United - Zombies!!!
Jack Macdonald & The Hotel Faces - Zombie Proof
Mess Folk - Can I Touch Your Brain?
The Dean Malenkos - Corpses
The Burdocks - We Will All Be Ghosts
Colour TV - Ghost Voices
A/V - Phantom City Wants To Hurt You
Boxer The Horse - Boneyard
Gilbert Switzer - Nightmare
Wintersleep - Dead
The Sweet Tenders - Skeleton Key

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E33

It's here! It's here! Finally! My favorite time of year! The Halifax Pop Explosion is upon us in full force. On this week's show, I let you in on all the shows I'm attending, but there's always room for surprises. Bring on the fun!

October 19, 2010
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Long, Long, Long - Thoughts On Declaring Victory Over The Sun
High On Fire - Speak In Tongues
The Superfantastics - Push You Away
Cursed Arrows - Gate Crasher
Bloodhouse - Digital Village
Cousins - Nans
Dinosaur Bones - Ice Hotel
Sloan - Coax Me
Dance Movie - Partings
Radio Radio - Dekshoo
Bike Rodeo - Sleep Werk
The Hold Steady - Citrus
Gramercy Riffs - Oh Linda
North of America - Wet To Dance
Rockets Red Glare - Empire State

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E32

With Pop Explosion just around the corner, there is no shortage of amazing shows happening in Halifax these days - one of the many reasons I love living here. The fires of the Halifax music scene are blazing strong.

On this week's show, I previewed a bunch of great shows including the upcoming Wooden Sky show at The Seahorse. These guys are an awesome band, and tons of fun. I spoke with the band's frontman, Gavin Gardiner, about their current two-month tour, their AUX TV documentary, and their excitement to be back on the East Coast.

Check it out.

October 12, 2010
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Clutch - Pure Rock Fury
Iron Giant - Creator of Scars
Rich Aucoin - Undead
Hey Rosetta - I've Been Asleep For A Long, Long Time
Hot Yoga - Sex As A Motivator
Richard Lann - Skinny Love (Bon Iver Cover)
The Wooden Sky - (Bit Part)
The Wooden Sky - The Late King Henry
Interview With The Wooden Sky's Gavin Crawford
The Wooden Sky - Oh My God (It Still Means A Lot To Me)
Gord Downie & The Country of Miracles - As A Mover
Greg Macpherson - Smoke Ring
The Prospector's Union - Flaming Death
Cursed Arrows - Chop You Up

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E31

Well, we don't need a million dollars, but we do need $26,000 to keep the station on-air and operational. As of tonight, we're more than halfway to our goal, successfully raising upwards of $16,000. Keep tuning into the station this week to pledge, and help us meet our goal by Friday. You can learn all about how to donate at the Funding Drive Website.

In honour of funding drive, I played some local songs about money tonight. Check it out.

October 5, 2010
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Sloan - Money City Maniacs
Piggy - More Money
By Divine Right - 5 Bucks
The Stanfields - Money Changers
The Holy Shroud - Calling In Confederate Debts
Gilbert Switzer - Banks, Airports, Universities
BA Johnston - Paid The Cost To Be The Boss
The Maughams - Fortune Cookie Man
Their Majesties - Solid Gold
Die Brucke - I Need Those Numbers
Journalists, Wolf - $500 Dollar Sunglasses, Asshole
Gord Downie & The Country of Miracles - The East Wind
The Burdocks - Receipts
The Establishment - The Consumer

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E30

Funding Drive is soon upon us, and we need your support! To learn how to donate some of your bling to us at the station visit the 2010 Funding Drive website.

Tune in next week, I've got some great vinyl to give away in exchange for donations.

For now, check out this week's sweet episode.

September 28, 2010
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Writer's Strike - Bad Time
Andrew Hunter & The Gatherers - Capo 2nd
Heavy Meadows - Sweet Traverse
Jon McKiel - Land of Sand
Quivers - I've Got Nothing
Dave Marsh & The True Love Rules - Backstreets Thread
Ryan Cook - Gaspereau Valley
The Light Brights - The World's A Changin'
The Caravan - Alchemy
Meat Curtains - Get Rebel
Scribbler - My Old Lady
Joan Jett - Pretty Vacant (Sex Pistols Cover)
Gianna Lauren - Become What You Can't Be
Homo Duplex - Winter Splinter

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E29

Check out that sweet poster for this sweet event! I hope to see you all at the bowling alley on Sunday night. It's going to be a hell of a time, and don't forget that all the money goes to a great cause - it helps funds shows like this and other independent radio endeavours. Check out the CKDU Funding Drive website for info on all our other funding drive shows.

Had lots of fun at the station this week. Check it out.

September 21, 2010
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Karkwa - L'Acouphène
Radio Radio - TomTom
Writer's Strike - Bad Time
Myles Deck & The Fuzz - Easy
Windom Earle - You're Tearing Me Apart
Long Long Long - Drugstore (3am)
Quaker Parents - Yes, Alright
Bike Rodeo - Broke On Payday
The Fat Stupids - Cliched Love Song
BA Johnston - Love Me Like My Minivan
The Burning Hell - The Berlin Conference
The Grass - Casino Taxi
Nerd Army - Beetlejuice Theme
The Workhorse Walks Alone - Orchid's Curse
Kestrels - The Light
Grand Theft Bus - Don't Go Say That

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E28

Great news! Halifax Is Burning has been nominated for a Music Nova Scotia Award! The show is nominated for Best Radio Program of the Year and CKDU has been nominated for Radio Station of the Year. A vote for both Halifax Is Burning and CKDU is a vote for independent, community radio, so if you've got a Music Nova Scotia membership (unfortunately, the vote isn't open to the public) I highly encourage you to show your support.

Tonight's show was a doozy. Premiered lots of new tracks, had a chat with Cat Chapman about CKDU's funding drive and gave away some tickets to see The Acorn.

Check it.

September 14, 2010
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The Superfantastics - Something (Halifax Is Burning EXCLUSIVE!)
Coco et Co. - State of Radio
First Aid Kit - Bad Time
Bloodhouse - Eerie Power
Quaker Parents - Got To Go
Bike Rodeo - Night of the Long Knives
Glory Glory Man United - Loud Quiet Loud
Tupperware Remix Party - Hourglass Nebula
The Acorn - No Ghost
Gianna Lauren - Le Vent Marin (Hovercraft)
Carmen Townsend - River Rat
Bad Vibrations - Good/Bad
Myles Deck & The Fuzz - Boom Boom!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

2010 Pop Explosion Planner

Every year I get real excited to sit down and put together my ideal schedule for The Halifax Pop Explosion - deciding who I'm going to see on what night, which bars I'll be hopping to in order to see some of the best bands in the country play in my back yard.

Last year I put together a blank schedule for the blog, so you could also sit down and meticulously plot your week. This year, I put together another one for your enjoyment.

Halifax Is Burning and CKDU are very excited that we'll be having live-to-air shows on the Wednesday, Thursday & Friday afternoons in the CKDU lobby, so I highly encourage you to add those shows to your own personal schedule.

I'd also like to encourage you to share your planners with me via the Halifax Is Burning Facebook group. Every person who shares their planner online will be entered into a draw for a CKDU TShirt!

Have fun!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E27

Well, I was down in Yarmouth this weekend with a bunch of my friends, and Earl proved to be no problem in relation to us and our party skills. So, to celebrate the escape of a natural disaster, tonight's episode was a special Yarmouth Retrospect with respected journalist and Yarmouth music historian, Michael Gorman.

Check THIS out!

September 7, 2010
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Burnt Black – Finest Lie
Christopher Robin Device - Departure
Contrived – At This Speed
Muriel Christ – Puppet
kary – Sunshine Sketches
Wintersleep – Encyclopedia
Capsized – Renegade
Martyr’s Brigade – Passover Massacre
Ryan Cook – Gaspereau Valley
Nothingstands – Golden Halo
George Burton – Ellen Would
My Friend Mattthew – d-pressive
(The Remains of) Brian Borcherdt – Still Without You

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E26

Well, I had promised a Jean-Paul Joseph Marc-André à Billy à Michel sur Armand interview with Acadian hip-hop sensations, Radio Radio but some technical difficulties (which you can hear me fumble through) led me to postpone airing that interview until next week or so.

Not to worry, because Rob McArthur, one of the founders of a great new website called IOU Music stopped by the station to have a chat.

You'll hear what IOU's all about in the interview, but in a nutshell it's a website where you can donate money to any band of your choosing simply by submitting their band name, their website, and your credit card information. It's a great new innovation in fan-funding, and Rob's a smart guy so do yourself a favour and listen to this interview.

August 31, 2010
(Download, "save as," send to someone and encourage fan funding)

Track List
Mean Wind - Yr Swword
Long Long Long - Thoughts On Declaring Victory Over The Sun
Gamma Gamma Rays - Roam
The Fat Stupids - Cliched Love Song
Bloodhouse - Digital Village
Rich Aucoin - Undead
Myles Deck & The Fuzz
Glory Glory Man United - Zombies
Bike Rodeo - Sleep Werk
Plus a feature interview with IOU Music's Rob McArthur

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E25


The Halifax Pop Explosion announced the full lineup for this year's festival. With so many good acts rolling through town, you may not be familiar all of them so CKDU and the Pop Explosion have taken the liberty of putting together a podcast series where you get to preview some of these awesome bands.

Here's all the necessary info:



So, there's all THAT goodness, plus you can download this week's episode that features an in-studio interview with the Gamma Gamma Rays who are releasing their new LP Beeps this weekend at The Bus Stop Theatre.

August 24, 2010
(right click, "save as," make into a podcast)

Track List
Gramercy Riffs - Ambulance
North of America - Wet To Dance
Rich Aucoin - Undead
Stop Motion Massacre - Teledonics
Radio Radio - Cargué Dans Ma Chaise
The Stanfields - Ship To Shore
Quivers - I've Got Nothin'
Gamma Gamma Rays - Roam
Gamma Gamma Rays - Focus
Gamma Gamma Rays - Growth & Health
Jon McKiel - Get Caught
The Mighty Northumberland - Walls, Walls, Walls
Broken Ohms - Choix

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E24

Let's go BOWLING! On tonight's show I had the pleasure of announcing an event we're calling Halifax Is Burning Presents: Rock N Roll Bowling. On September 26th, we're combining three of Halifax's best bands with one of Eastern Canada's favorite sports (did you know candlepin bowling is a pretty niche market?). Though the full line-up hasn't been announced yet, I can tell you that the show's namesake Myles Deck & The Fuzz will be one of the three performers. Get excited!

More details to come.

Tonight's show was a doozy! Check it out!

August 17, 2010
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Track List
Gamma Gamma Rays - Roam
Bloodhouse - You Were Wrong, It Were Rad
Boxer The Horse - Mary Meets The Pilot
Quivers - I've Got Nothing
Milks & Rectangles - Wink and a Gun (The Jury's Hung)
No Flyers Please - Moe
Hot Yoga - Sex As A Motivator
The Numbered Head - Itchy
Myles Deck & The Fuzz - Holy Roller
The Establishment - In The Frame of Light
Major/Minor - Take Care of Your Suitcase
Moses Corey - Ignoramus
Woodpigeon - I Love You When You're Walking Away (Plumtree Cover)
Doug Mason - Ali (Jale Cover)
AA Wallace - Don't You Want Money To Blow
Sloan - The Lines You Ammend

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E23

Tonight was an exciting one on Halifax Is Burning. Not only did regular correspondent Jean-Paul Joseph Marc André à Billy à Michel sur Armand conduct a great interview with Wintersleep's Tim D'Eon, we also announced a great new partnership with Halifax's only open-mic-for-bands institution $Rockin' 4 Dollar$.

Each week from hereon out, we'll keep you up to date on $Rockin' 4 Dollar$ news. From who took home the cash, to how much money is on the wheel, to who will host next week, Halifax Is Burning is your one stop shop where you can find out what happened the night before at Reflections - especially when you're having trouble remembering.

Rad show this week. Keep it on the download!

August 10, 2010

The Dean Malenkos - Corpses 2006
Ocean Towers - Honey Slides
Glory Glory Man United - Pop Song Atomaton
Christina Martin - I Can Too
Spincycle Squared - Dirty Laundry (HiFirey Cover)
First Aid Kit - My Resignation
Jean-Paul Joseph Marc André interviews Tim D'Eon
Wintersleep - Echolocation
Sister - Wishbone
Rich Aucoin - Push
Windom Earle - Screw Wave
Jenocide - Fashion Icon
Klarka Weinwurm - Eastern Snow
Play Guitar - When She Was Kids

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E22

You may be asking: what does this new sure-fire blockbuster Michael Cera film have to do with a locally-focused indie rock show on CKDU?

Well, other than the fact that I would kill to have that sweet Rickenbacker bass, Scott Pilgrim VS The World (the movie and the graphic novels) was actually inspired by 90s Haligonian 90s power-pop act Plumtree.

On tonight's show, I had a chat with Plumtree drummer, Lynette Gillis, about her old band's newfound fame. From mailing out tshirts, to answering international fan mail, to being sandwiched on the summer's hottest soundtrack between Beck and Frank Black, there is an undeniable revived interest in the band that once held company with bands like Thrush Hermit, Jale, The Superfriendz and Sloan.

Today, Gillis is currently focusing her musical attention on a band called Sister with - who else - her Plumtree bandmate and sibling Carla Gillis. We also talk about how this Scott Pilgrim hype could potentially have a positive effect on this new project.

Check out the interview and soak up the awesome tracklist!

August 3, 2010
(Right click, "save as," send to the person that was your best friend in 1997).

Cousins - Out On Town
Richard Laviolette & The Oil Spills - Break Down These Blues
Long Long Long - Judy Chicago
Bad Vibrations - Good/Bad
The Slate Pacific - Eccentrics
The Grass - Lucky
Feature interview with Plumtree's Lynette Gillis
Plumtree - Scott Pilgrim
Plumtree - Dog Gone Crazy
Alright Already - Regret (Plumtree Cover)
Bike Rodeo - Annabelle
Cold Warps - Hang Up On You

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E21

This is an awesome show happening in Halifax this week. There are many others. I talk about them all on this week's burning hot episode.

Check it out.

July 27, 2010
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Kestrels - The Light
Rich Aucoin - Push
Holy Fuck - Stilettos
Jim Guthrie - Nighttime/Anytime (It's Alright) [Constantines Cover]
Coco et Co. - A Pause
Metz - Soft Whiteout
Horses - Danforth and Main
Orphan Choir - New Rituals
BA Johnston - Jagermeister Train
PS I Love You - Butterflies and Boners
Apollo Ghosts - Samurai Chatter
Long, Long, Long - Judy Chicago
Braids - Lemonade
Orphan Choir - Gravel Tongues

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E20

Pop Explosion is coming! Pop Explosion is coming! The initial lineup for the 2010 Halifax Pop Explosion was announced today, and as a result I celebrated out loud on the show today by calling Jonny Stevens, Pop Ex Executive Director, and we talked about this amazing lineup:

The Hold Steady, The New Pornographers, Handsome Furs, Kylesa, Great Lake Swimmers, Sloan, Basia Bulat, Old Man Ludecke, High On Fire, Torche, North of America, Jason Collett, Rockets Red Glare, Bad Vibrations, Great Bloomers, Jon McKiel, The Famines, Silly Kissers, Mt. Royal & Wordburglar

Halifax band No Flyers Please also stopped by the show to talk about their upcoming CD release happening at Gus' Pub this Friday.

Helluva show! Download and share.

July 13, 2010
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The Hold Steady - You Can Make Him Like You
North of America - Keep It On The Download
Sloan - The Lines You Amend
Great Lake Swimmers - Put There By The Land
The New Pornographers - Your Hands (Together)
Rich Aucoin - Push
No Flyers Please - Dan Clahane
The Kansas Nebraska Act - Fire Me Up
No Flyers Please - Seidenberg & Goc
No Flyers Please - Masculine
The Bad Arts - Long To Repeat
Bloodhouse - You Was Wrong It Was Rad
The Superfantastics - Great Plains
Rockets Red Glare - Empire State

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E19

So glad to be back home, be back home. Celebrated my return to the show after a two week hiatus (thanks again to Ryan and Kat for filling in!) just in time to discuss the Polaris Prize, play some sweet dance music, and give away some Jazz Fest tickets. What a night.

July 6, 2010
(right click, "save as" and send to a Jazzbo)

Hannah Georgas - Lovesick
Wintersleep - Trace Decay
ANGO - More and More
AA Wallace - Don't You Want Money To Blow
Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up (Single Edit)
Glory Glory Man United - Pop Song Automaton
Glory Glory Man United - Zombies
Jon McKiel - Yellow Raincoat
Nomo - Invisible Cities
It Kills - Sailors
Bloodhouse - Grave Mind
Bad Vibrations - Think About Life (7" version)
Cop Shades - Women's Rights
The Besnard Lakes - Albatross

P-P-P-Polaris Prediction

After following the Polaris Long List announcement tweet by tweet on my way to the airport a few weeks back, I'll be happy to sit back and enjoy the CBC Radio 3 coverage today at 1:30ET (2:30pm for those of you here on the East Coast).

The list is stacked - as always - and I thought it would be fun to throw a few predictions "out in the universe." I've come up with 5 records I think will make the list hands down, 5 records I think are definite maybes and 3 records I think are wildcards. At the end of this post, I'll also tell you who I think should win the $20,000 prestigious prize.

Here goes:


The Besnard Lakes - Are The Roaring Night
Sonically amazing and musically compelling, previous Polaris-nominees The Besnard Lakes have yet again received tremendous critical acclaim for their latest album. Having had the good graces of seeing them two weeks ago in Hamilton, ON it's safe to say The Besnard Lakes are on of the best bands in Canada. LISTEN

Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record
Back with a vengeance, this is not only a great summertime album but is also the band's best release (solo efforts included) since 2002's "You Forgot It In People." Catchy hooks, multiple layers and dirty drums make this pick a no-brainer. Need more convincing? Read the Bloody Drum Knuckles review. LISTEN

Caribou - Swim
Dan Snaith's latest record has moved the band back into the dance realm and back into the hearts of Canadians (not that they ever really left). The lead track "Odessa" is enough to make this album a contender, not to mention they were the first ever Polaris Prize winners. LISTEN

Hannah Georgas - This Is Good
Canada's new indie darling has received so much acclaim for this album, I would be surprised if this was overlooked on the shortlist. One of my favorite albums of the whole year, the songwriting is heartfelt and incredible, the production rivals the best Tegan & Sara records, and Hannah's voice is unmistakable. It doesn't hurt that several people have called her "the new Feist" either. LISTEN

Dan Mangan - Nice, Nice, Very Nice
After winning the $25,000 XM Verge Music Award for Artist of The Year last fall, I would be very surprised if Mangan didn't make the cut. The past two winners of the same award - Hey Rosetta and The Weakerthans - have popped up on the last two Polaris short lists but didn't take home the grand prize. Will he win? I don't think so, but he'll make the cut for sure. LISTEN


Bahamas - Pink Strat
Admittedly, I don't know much about this record but the name and the greasy character of Bahamas has been popping often to ignore. LISTEN

Crystle Castles - Crystle Castles (II)
Again, not super familiar with this record nor a big fan of the band, but it was hotly anticipated and fits in with the Canadian indie dance landscape. LISTEN

Holy Fuck - Latin America
After the whole targeting Holy Fuck's name as one of the reason for federal art cuts a few years ago debacle, I would be surprise if the band didn't reap vengeance by making the short list. The band is also a previous nominee (2008) and they have been ripping it up not only in Canada but also across the globe. All this, plus the song "Stilettos" is one of the best things the band has ever released (second only to "Lovely Allen"). LISTEN

Owen Pallet - Heartland
The first ever Polaris winner, Pallet is almost sure to make the cut again with his latest record. I've never been super into his stuff, but his talent is undeniable and he is a great showman. LISTEN

Plants & Animals - La La Land
It seems other than Holy Fuck, the maybes I've chosen haven't really registered with me personally, but that doesn't mean other people aren't picking up the albums and finding something they like. This Montreal trio were nominated in 2008, and will probably earn the same this year. LISTEN


Apollo Ghosts - Mount Benson
Apollo Ghosts came out of nowhere and blew people away with their debut full-length record. Their appearance on the long-list says something about the quality of their songwriting, and the critics agree. Herohill has already called the album one of the best albums this year to date. LISTEN

New Pornographers - Together
A Canadian indie-rock institution, New Pornographers could slide into the short list with no complaints based on reputation alone. LISTEN

Zeus - Say Us
Storming out of the gate with their first full-length, Zeus is a 70s-piano-man inspired kind of band who's songs have been used in commercials and have been blazing up the charts on Radio 3. They could very well make the cut. LISTEN


I think The Besnard Lakes' Are The Roaring Night will take home the $20,000 prize this year. Traditionally the Polaris Prize hasn't really been taken home by someone with a whole lot of "commerical" success, thus excluding bands like Broken Social Scene and artists like Dan Mangan who already has $25,000 under his belt. Polaris jurors tend to pick timeless albums that will be remembered in the Canadian music legacy for making an impact on music fans across the board. The Besnard Lakes aren't a niche market, they're not surviving on indie cred, and they're not a new band who is trying to break through. They simply are one of the best bands in Canada, and this record is the best Canadian album that has been released this year. Not only do I think they deserve to win, I think that after being slighted in 2008, they will win.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Halifax is Burning on the West Coast!

This was my view (minus the seagull visitor) for the first few days I was here in Vancouver. I've since moved further up the road, there is no ocean view but I can assure you it is just as nice.

I figured since I missed two shows this week, I would put together a little treat for all of the Halifax is Burning fans out there so I compiled a "mixtape" of some great Western Canadian bands. I had some people give me suggestions, but I couldn't get to them all in time. My apologies.

Anyways, you can download this sweet mix and throw it on your iPod and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Halifax Is Burning On The West Coast
(right click, save as, send to the beach)

Track List
Said The Whale - Emerald Lake
Hannah Georgas - This Is Good
Chad VanGaalen - Bare Feet on Wet Griptape
Rural Alberta Advantage - The Deathbridge to Lethbridge
Apollo Ghosts - Things You Go Through
Rah Rah - The Innocent One
The Details - Underground
The Weakerthans - One Great City
Carpenter - Brighter Stars
The Hextalls - My Dad VS Shania Twain
The Bonaduces - A Seperate Lid Behind Closed Eyes
Paper Moon - What Are You Going To Do With Me
Immaculate Machine - Numero de Telephone
The Pack AD - Crazy
Black Mountain - Black Fang
Sylvie - Please Make It Home

PS - Fill-in extraordinaire Kat Graham filled in on the show for me today. She was wonderful, as always. Listen here

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hailfax is Bourbon

I'm in Vancouver for the next two weeks, so I've got some great fill-in hosts taking the reins. This week Ryan Delehanty, host of CKDU's Bourbon Jungle put together "some of Halifax's finest music for summer listening."

Download This Sweet Mix

Cold Warps- I’m With You
Bad Vibrations- Foreigner
The Lodge- Hey, Kidz...
Alpha Flight- Breakfast (Instrumental)
North of America- What A Melee
Tomcat Combat- New City Blocks
Neuseiland- Five Easy Pieces
The Memories Attack- Summertime II
Sloan- Pillow Fight
Jale- Double Edge
Pastoralia- Fuschia of Architecture
Rick of the Skins- Compact Disk
Homo Duplex- Deadly Understudy
Dog Day- Sleeping On Couches
Husband & Knife- Brotherhood
Alpha Flight- Classic Handstyles (Instrumental)
Sleepless Nights- All Andrews Friends
Thrush Hermit- Mystery and Crime
Plumtree- Aquarius

Next week, fill-in extraordinaire Kat Graham takes over.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E18

Not one but TWO of my best friends are getting married this weekend on the exact same day, so in honour of both weddings I decided to host a special edition of Halifax Is Burning this week paying tribute to love songs!

From the serious to the silly, and the sensitive to the somber, this week's episode features an eclectic mix of love songs from local artists.

Check it out!

June 15, 2010
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Joel Plaskett - Down At The Khyber
Mardeen - Telephones
The Stance - Young Love
Matt Mays & El Torpedo - Rock Ranger Record
BA Johnston - I Love You Pizzaman
Wax Mannequin - God's Love (Live on CKDU's Border Crossing)
Contrived - I Don't Ever Wanna Get Married
Force Fields - Near You
Scribbler - My Old Lady
Daniel Ledwell - I Have Made You A Mixtape
Dance Movie - Carjack My Heart
Plusmore - I Only Love You When There's No One Else Around (Live at The Red Knight)
Myles Deck & The Fuzz - I Love My Baby
The Fat Stupids - Cliched Love Song
Postdata - The Coroner
Mary Stewart - Sweeter Than
(The Remains of) Brian Borcherdt - Can't Stop Loving You

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E17

I got to see Caribou at The Paragon Theatre on Friday. It was a crazy night - an audio/visual experience for the ages. But why hear about it from me when you could read this awesome review from Noisography.

Halifax is Burning was back with a vengeance this week. Lots of shout-outs to internet listeners and awesome tunes, including a track from a Burnt Black demo tape I found in the giveaway box in the lobby (!!!!).

PS - CKDU is now on Twitter. Follow them at

Enjoy this week's episode!

June 8, 2010
(Right click, "Save As," edit into a crazy video)

Myles Deck & The Fuzz - Hot Tongue, Cold Shoulder
Dave Marsh's True Love Rules - Backstreets Thread
Greg MacPherson - First Class
The Bonaduces - A Separate Lid Behind Closed Eyes
Caribou - Odessa
Rich Aucoin - Brian Wilson Is Alive
Gianna Lauren - Standstill
Prospector's Union - The Valley Neighbors
Field Assembly - Alkali
Big Game Hunt - Hallowed Ground
Burnt Black - Purpose Served (demo version)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E16

Missed last week's blog post due to technology malfunctions - yadda yadda yadda.
Hey, the new Wintersleep record is out. Did you get it yet?

They're playing Thursday at The Paragon Theatre. Hope you got your tickets, because this bad-ass show is sold out!

I'm going to be gone away for the next two weeks, but the lovely Kat Graham will be filling in for me. She's lots of fun and will do a great job.

Enjoy this week's show!

May 18, 2010.
(Download, "right click," send to someone awesome)

Track List
Wintersleep - Trace Decay
Wintersleep - Gasp For Air
Julie Doiron - I Woke Myself Up
The Lodge - World In Me
Jon McKiel - 123 My Friends
Cursed Arrows - Run Forever
Racoon Bandit - The Goin' To Hell Blues
The Vermicious Knid - Home and Native Land
Iron Giant - Creator of Scars
Myles Deck & The Fuzz - Filthy Addiction
Bike Rodeo - Anabelle
Cousins - Throwing Rocks
Long Long Long - Judy Chicago
Mardeen - Ice Truck Killer
Olympic Symphonium - Speaking Touch

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E14

I played a song called "Everything Burns" by Mike Bochoff tonight on the show - and if you choose to download this week's episode you'll hear me talking about the awesome video he made to accompany the tune. You'll also hear me say that I'd post the video on the blog, so here's me making good on my promises:

May 4, 2010
(Download, right click, "save as" and turn into a cool marionette video)

Track List
Holy Fuck - Latin America
Wintersleep - Black Camera
Rich Aucoin - Alive
The First Aid Kit - New York City
3 Inches of Blood - Battles and Brotherhood
Black Moor - Red Blood, Cold Steel
Boxer The Horse - Mary Meets The Pilot
Mike Bochoff - Everything Burns
Acres and Acres - Money
Klarka Weinwurm - Wood Stove Fires
Gianna Lauren - The War of Love and Numbers
Fuck Montreal - Are You Washed In The Blood?
Cold Warps - Stupid Tattoos
Cousins - Throwing Rocks

PLUS, if you're looking for some extra summer time jams, might I suggest downloading this sweet set of tunes courtesy of Halifax is Burning contributor and fill in host Jean Paul Joseph Marc Andre a Billy a Michel sur Armand:

Broken Social Scene - Meet Me In The Basement
Land of Talk - Summer Special
Sylvie - Breakout For The Summer
At The Drive-In - Arcarsenal
Refused - Summerholidays VS Punkroutine
The Hextalls - I Don't Want To Be A New York Ranger
Chixdiggit - Shadowy Bangers From a Shadowy Duplex
Owen & Gerry - Come On Down To Pubnico
Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning
Bloc Party - Like Eating Glass
She & Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
Matt Mays & El Torpedo - Rock Ranger Record
Golden Dogs - Construction Worker
Clutch - Profits of Doom
The Burdocks - Pop Cult
The Superfriendz - 10lbs.
Bon Jovi - Wild In The Streets

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E13

Having a show on campus radio is awesome when you find things like Burnt Black's 1994 debut cassette. I've been rocking this tape a few times over the past week at the station. Also found the Christopher Robin Device "Waster" tape, which was exciting as well.

Fun show this week.

April 27, 2010
(right click, "save as," tape on a blank cassette)

Track List
The Stance - You Lost My Love
Bike Rodeo - Song 7
The Fat Stupids - Tragedy
Deerfield - Stay Here
The Stanfields - Don't Make Me Walk Away
The Heavy Blinkers - Try Telling That To My Baby
The Heavy Blinkers - The Night and I Are Still So Young
Cousins - Nan
Duzheknew - Dwindle Kindle
Jon McKiel - Yellow Raincoat
Old Man Ludecke - Lass Vicious
Sam Ryan - White Ceiling
Scribbler - My Old Lady
Owl - Morning Eyes
Big Game Hunt - The High Water Mark Has Risen
Burnt Black - Curious


Guess who I ran into in the studio right before my show?
Jean-Paul Joseph Marc Andre a Billy a Michel sur Armand was doing a quick fill in, playing some old school and new school metal including tracks from Metallica's "Kill 'Em All," Slayer's "World Painted Blood," and the new Slash record. If you're due for a metal fix, download that HERE

Friday, April 23, 2010

Miss The BA Johnston/Windom Earle/Quivers show Live at CKDU?

Did you miss the BA Johnston/Windom Earle/Quivers show live in the CKDU lobby yesterday? No worries, you can download the entire show HERE.

I am excited about having more shows live at CKDU. Go team!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Two Important Announcements!

FIRST: BA Johnston, Windom Earle, & Quivers are playing LIVE in the CKDU lobby this afternoon at 4:00pm. It's free, it's all-ages, and it's early! RSVP your attendance on FACEBOOK

SECOND: CKDU goes back to HIGH POWER today! Not only does that mean you'll be able to pick up CKDU on a regular basis on your clock radios, your home stereos, and in your automotive vehicles. Plus, you'll be able to catch the frequency in more areas and at a greater distance. Imagine, CKDU in Windsor, Musquodobit and Bedford! You'll never have to hit those pre-sets again.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E12


Don Adams, the host of the Car Bomb To The Heart - which airs after Halifax is Burning on Tuesday Nights - was out this week, so Halifax Is Burning guest star Jean-Paul Joseph Marc Andre a Billy a Michel sur Armand came into the studio and filled in for him.

So, as a bonus to this week's episode of Halifax Is Burning, I've posted the link and the track list to the 90 minute show he hosted directly after mine.

Happy listening!

April 20, 2010
(Right click, "Save As" and send to your best fisherman buddy)

Track List:
Glory Glory Man United - Friends of the Seen
The Light Brights - I Won
Mary Stewart - Sweeter Than
Hot Yoga - Wasted Fine
The Numbered Head - Man Action
Andrew Hunter & The Gatherers - Capo 2nd
The Stanfields - The Dirtiest Drunk (In The History of Liquor)
BA Johnston - Jagermeister Train
BA Johnston - Humpty Dumpty
Windom Earle - Kitten VS Pegasus
Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers - Stranger
Boxer The Horse - Mary Meets The Pilot
English Words - Rope
Sister Jack - Scary Movies
Broken Ohms - Choix
Sleepless Nights - Coup d'Etat
Owl - Roadtrip

Jean-Paul Joseph Marc Andre hosts the Boat Bomb to the Heart show

Track List:
Said The Whale - Emerald Lake, AB
Hannah Georgas - Lovesick
Richard Lann - Henry's House
Dance Movie - Me & You & Everyone We Know
Instruments - National Laboratory
Burnt Black - Novocaine
Conway Twitty - I Still See The Want To In Your Eyes
Andrew Watt & The Glory Glory - One Day At A Time
The Stance - You Lost My Love
Hawksley Workman - We'll Make Time (Even When There Ain't No Time)
Bad Vibrations - Good/Bad
Static In Action - Named
The Hextalls - My Dad VS Shania Twain
Dog Day - Dark Day
Oromocto Diamond - Le Choc du Futur
Postdata - The Coroner
Christopher Robin Device - I Can't Stop You Now (?)
Cursed Arrows - Run Forever
Dinosaur Bones - Royalty
A History Of - National Tectonic
Young Galaxy - Destroyer

Sunday, April 18, 2010

(Halifax Is) Burning Through The Ages

Halifax has been burning with a crazy music scene for years now. Back in the 1970s, kids in the HRM were learning how to play the ukulele in the public school systems. In 1975, the National Film Board and film maker J. Chalmers Doane gathered 1000 of these kids on the Halifax waterfront to play I Believe In Music. The result was a film called Ready When You Are.

What does this have to do with this mixtape I put together? Well, nothing really. Today, I went down to the Halifax Crafter's Fair to spin some records for an hour or so, and I decided to bring down a stack of my old 45s to play some pop hits from the 60s and 70s. I had a lot of fun, and I got to listen to some great tunes. So I figured, if you weren't able to make it down to hear the playlist I would put together for you to download.

Trust me, this is good Sunday listening.


Track List
Jackie deShannon - Put A Little Love In Your Heart
R.B. Greaves - Take A Letter Maria
Dusty Springfield - Son Of A Preacher Man
Daddy Dewdrop - Chick-A-Boom
The Partridge Family - I Think I Love You
Sly & The Family Stone - Everyday People
Three Dog Night - An Old Fashioned Love Song
Tommy James & The Shondells - Crimson and Clover
Andy Kim - Be My Baby
The Archies - Sugar Sugar
Tommy Roe - Dizzy
Marvin Gaye - I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Otis Redding - Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down
Lobo - Me and You and A Dog Named Boo
The Fifth Dimension - Age of Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In
The Monkees - Daydream Believer
The Osmonds - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
The Temptations - Just My Imagination
Fleetwood Mac - Don't Stop
Ocean - Put Your Hand In The Hand
Chi-Lites - Have You Seen Her?
Norman Greenbaum - Spirit In The Sky

Thursday, April 15, 2010

CKDU Signal update!

As some of you may have noticed, over the past few months the CKDU signal has been weaker than ever if you're trying to catch it on your radio. That's because the transmitter moved locations back in January to try and test a broader range for the station (let's face it, listening to CKDU in Bedford would be rad, right?). Well after months of testing and technical stuff that - frankly - I just don't understand, I got this message in my inbox this morning:

We are taking the last steps towards going back to full power...We are tentatively scheduled to go back to high power on Thursday, April 22, starting with testing at 10am and continuing throughout the day. Cross your fingers, folks!

Woohoo! Good work team.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Controversy on the Commons

It’s not that people are upset that the provincial and local governments kicked in nearly a million dollars to bring Paul McCartney to the Commons to play for nearly 50,000 people, it’s that they funded a private company to bring him here and didn’t tell anyone they were doing it.

The provincial government threw $600,000 to Power Promotions – the company responsible for booking the biggest show in Halifax last year. $300,000 of that money was used for marketing the concert, the other $300,000 was a loan to Power Promotions promoter Harold MacKay to cover part of Macca’s $3.5 million fee. Add to that the $200,000 the municipal government threw into the pot and this is where things get sticky.

Other government-funded concerts and events throughout the country haven’t warranted this much negative response from taxpayers. The government of Quebec, for example, paid the entire bill for McCartney’s $3.5 million guarantee and provided the people of Quebec City with a free concert in 2008. Their only complaint was that he didn’t play enough French songs.

So what’s the issue here?

One word: transparency.

I’m sure lots of people would have been upset if the governments came out before the concert and said “Listen, we’re going to give this guy nearly a million dollars in order to provide you with one of the most memorable concerts in Halifax history,” but at least they would have known.

There may have been protests, political debates and lots of idiots on message boards and social network sites complaining until their tight jeans fell off, but the fact of the matter is once the concert was over and paid for, the average tax payer would have not been in the dark about the deal.

The other problem is that the government basically agreed to fund a private enterprise by special request. Do you think that if I walked into Province House tomorrow and asked them for $600,000 to start a record label or to invest in a community radio station they would fork over the cash? No. Then again, a record label and/or a radio station wouldn’t contribute millions of dollars to the local economy in the same way tourists would (the exact numbers on the McCartney concert are still unavailable, though the Rolling Stones show on the Commons back in 2006 pumped about $8 million into the local economy according to this CBC article.)

I’m not above telling you that I don’t care whether or not my tax dollars go to paying for a concert that draws 50,000 people to our city’s common space. Hell, only 20,000-30,000 people showed up for KISS the next weekend and I would have been OK with paying for that. Public or private enterprise, please – take my cash. But maybe you should think about telling me about it first.

Granted our tax money goes to a lot worse things than paying a former Beatle to play for three hours. Richard Hurlburt, the former MLA of my old hometown, spent a boatload of my tax money on buying generators for his home and swindling even more money out of us by renting his government-paid apartment out to someone who may or may not have been his mistress. Canadians contribute millions of dollars a year to fund the Palestinian genocide at the hands of the Israelis. The list goes on.

At the very least, the provincial government is going a long way to prove that they support the arts and see these concerts and a viable investment both for the community's leisure and for a potential economic return. Let's also not forget that the recent NDP budget didn't contain any arts cuts.

The big danger in all this, in my opinion, is that this back door decision may turn even more people off from concerts on the Commons.

Frankly, I’m tired of hearing everyone bitching and moaning about the downfalls of these huge shows that are putting Halifax on the concert destination map.

Other than the Rolling Stones show four years ago – which was admittedly executed and set-up poorly – the Commons have come out decently in tact after these shows. Even if there are minimal wounds, they are only inflicted on one corner of the Commons for a brief period of time. After learning from their mistakes, concert set-ups have become not only more efficient but also less damaging to the space.

Having a concert does not deter people from using the Commons. Yes, it is one of the only green spaces we share in this city but do the amount of people using the Commons in the run of an entire summer total the 80,000 that used the space over a one-week span to see McCartney and KISS?


Even if those numbers did happen to match up, I don’t play sports or walk my dog or play ultimate Frisbee. I’m a fat guy (although I am partial to a good game of “Tips” every now and then because it involves minimal movement). I want to see concerts in Halifax. Why should you be able to enjoy the Commons and not me?

And even if I’m not happy with the acts gracing the stage (seriously, nobody cares about Kevin Costner’s band except maybe my friend Mandy because she is the only person I know with a Costner obsession) or the price of tickets ($100 to see Weezer? Don’t think so), at least we’re proving that we’re a big enough city to host huge concerts.

We deserve some attention here in this corner of the world. Plus, it’s better than driving to Moncton (though their venue is better).

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E11

I get so excited by the little things. Today, I figured out the ins and outs of doing an on-air interview on the ol' telephone. To celebrate, I called Tyler Bancroft - singer and guitarist for Vancouver's Said The Whale. They'll be playing a show at The Seahorse this weekend with Montreal rock n roller's Hollerado, and Halifax hometown heroes Kestrels. We talk all about how awesome it will be on this week's episode. Check it out.

April 13, 2010
(right click, "save as" and email it to your best friend on the West Coast)

Track List
Wintersleep - Black Camera
Jenocide - 28 Mansions
Homo Duplex - Rough Dough
Broken Ohms - Choix
Metric - Stadium Love
The Arkells - Oh! The Boss Is Coming
Kestrels - Ridicule
Hollerado - Fake Drugs
Said The Whale feat. Shad, Holy Fuck, MGMT, & The Who - Gentleman (Remix)
Said The Whale - Camilo (The Magician)
The Numbered Head - Alligator Gallop
Sam Ryan - White Ceiling
Dance Movie - Fail

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What Were They Thinking? Vol. 1

From time to time, I'd like to post some things on here that just make you shake your head in disbelief and ask yourself why people do the things they do. Moreover, I would like you to assess and determine what possesses certain people to put this shit on the Internet.

Now I'm no rock star, but...

Dear Boojoo1234,

Seriously man. What were you thinking?

(For the Facebook readers:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Halifax is Burning mentioned on North By East West!

The kind folks at North by East West - a Canadian indie-focused blog - had some kind words to say about Halifax Is Burning this week:

"Halifax campus radio station CKDU has a wonderful online archive tool that allows you to download any and all of it's shows or just parts of them. The show Halifax is Burning is smart enough to blog the show and give you an easy download link for each program, so if you don't get to hear hear it live you can download it any time or stick it on your ipod and take it with you."

Read more here.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E10

With the amazing weather we've been having this week, I felt a strong desire to throw down some serious summertime jams. Take a listen.

April 6, 2010
(right click, "save as," and listen to with a glass of lemonade)

Track List
Two Hours Traffic - Noisemaker
English Words - Rope
Big Game Hunt - 14 Years
The Voice of Russia - Only Birch
Ruth Minnikin - Depend on This
Dinosaur Bones - N.Y.E.
The Grass - Lucky
The Peter Parkers - Makeout Party
Daniel, Fred & Julie - Runner
Frederick Squire - Old Times Past Times
Bloodhouse - Grave Mind
Bad Vibrations - Yesterday's Cult
Hawksley Workman - We'll Make Time
Hawksley Workman - We Will Still Need A Song
Cigarettes - Allyson Got Robbed
Old Man Ludecke - Lass Viscious

Monday, April 5, 2010

VIDEOS: $Rockin' 4 Dollar$ Fundraiser - "Bands Doin' Other Bands"

This weekend, five bands played a $Rockin' 4 Dollar$ fundraiser to help the only full band open-mic in town where you can win cash money every week fix up their shoddy drum kit.

Each band played covers by other bands playing that same night. My band, Sleepless Nights, played some Myles Deck and The Fuzz songs.

Here's the video proof:





The Bad Motels kicked the night off with a set of Sleepless Nights songs. Here's what they sounded like:




*Can't see the embedded videos? Maybe you're reading this on your blog reader or on Facebook. Try visiting the actual blog.

TICKET GIVEAWAY on Tuesday's Show!

The amazing folk trio Daniel, Fred & Julie will be playing at the North Street Church this Friday, and I'll be giving away a pair of free tickets on tomorrow's episode of Halifax Is Burning.

Daniel, Fred & Julie is a very special collaboration between three much-loved musicians. Daniel Romano sings and plays guitar in Attack in Black. Calm Down It’s Monday’s Fred Squire sang and played guitar in legendary indie-rock group Shotgun and Jaybird, and is a jack-of-all-trades and master of some in the Julie Doiron band. Julie Doiron is the legendary songwriter, singer, guitar shredder, collaborator with Mount Eerie, Gord Downie, Herman Dune, Wooden Stars, and member of Eric’s Trip. This is a record unlike any previously heard from these fine and versatile musicians.

Here are what some people had to say about their awesome record:

"Through innocent circumstances, Attack in Black leader Daniel Romano has kindled a rather remarkable classic folk collaboration with Fred Squire and Julie Doiron." - Exclaim

"Daniel, Fred & Julie is folk music at its finest." - PopMatters

"A perfect album for winter introspection..." - Eye Weekly

"This record is one that might fly under the radar, but for the lucky people that make the effort to pick it up, the rewards are unbelievable." - Herohill

Check out the Facebook group for more information and tune in tomorrow night from 6:30pm to 7:30pm to win!