Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Halifax Is Burning :: S03E24

On the program this week, I talked about two brand new videos released by some great Halifax acts - one by Orchid's Curse and one by Ambition. I promised I would throw them up on the blog, so I'm making good on my promise.

If you love zombies, robots and sneakers then I think you'll like these vids.

Once you're done watching them, click on the link below and take a listen to this week's episode.

Orchid's Curse: The Workhorse Walks Alone

Ambition - A.M.B.I.T.I.O.N

June 28, 2011

Lake Names - Hallmark
Mary Cobham - Motown
Uncle Fester & Ambition - Just For Kicks (JFK)
Orchid's Curse - The Workhorse Walks Alone
Hind Legs - Unicorn Date
Like A Motorcycle - Hitting The Bottle
Old And Weird - Feel No Threat
Dream Friends - Aging Sportstar
Cousins - Secret Weapon
Matthew Grimson - Matthew Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Dave Marsh & True Love Rules - Backstreets Thread
The Joel Plaskett Emergency - True Patriot Love
Banded Stilts - Forest, Oh Forest, Protect Me
Something Good - Disco Kid
The Details - Weightless In The Dark

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Halifax Is Burning :: S03E23

The first day of summer is upon us, and it's no surprise that in Halifax the summer brings along a plethora of awesome shows. That being said, we're getting the summer kicked off right with a visit from The Details all the way from Winnipeg, MB.

The band is touring in support of their new album, Lost Art, and will be in Halifax playing with a band a have a pretty fond affinity for and another that I've known for quite some time.

This week, I caught up with The Details' Keli Martin on a tour stop in Rimouski, QC to talk about their new album, their latest tour and the "glamour" of being a touring band.

Take a listen.

June 21, 2011

Outtacontroller - Power Out
The Deadly Hearts - Handshake
Dress Code Casual - The Weight Is Over
DJ Bones Halifax Is Burning Indie Pop Mix featuring: Southern Shores, In Dreams, The Trick, AA Wallace, Whale Skin & Blank Banshees
The Details - The Original Mark
Phone interview with The Details' Keli Martin
The Details - Weightless In The Dark
Scott Nicks Band - Ribcage City Smoke
Richard Lann - Bug
Rah Rah - Ghosts (AA Wallace Remix)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Halifax Is Burning :: S03E22

I guess it's not often that I talk about movies on the blog, or on the show for that matter, but I went to see Super 8 last night - the latest blockbuster from JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg - and, well, I have to say that it was pretty good. Think ET meets The Goonies with a little bit of Stand By Me and Independence Day.

All that to say, after a great conference last week (read about it/listen to it), and a good movie this week, it's a great time to be alive.

Then again, when you live in Halifax it's always a great time to be alive - especially if you love music. So stop bitching about the rain, kick back, relax and enjoy some good tunes. You won't regret it!

Listen Listen Listen.

June 14, 2011

Kestrels - The Light
Ocean Towers - Honey Flies
Instruments - Long Days (Nomeansno Cover)
NOFX - Separation Of Church And Skate
Tongan Death Grip - Something's Wrong
Make No Gains - Write-Off Report
The Graboids - Inebriated
Cousins - Out On Town
Minus World - Year Of The Scientists
Al Tuck - Good & Ready
The Express - Nobody Knows
Two Hours Traffic - Stolen Earrings
Uncle Fester & Ambition - Just For Kicks (JFK)
Outtacontroller - Sloppy Princess
The Kamalas - Machinery
Joel Plaskett - A Million Dollars
Arcade Fire - Modern Man

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Halifax Is Burning :: S03E21

The National Campus & Community Radio Conference has hit Halifax with a full force, and this week I'm previewing all the great showcases we've got lined up to coincide with the arrival of delegates from around the country.

For a full list of showcases, visit the Halifax Is Burning Facebook page.

What a week!

June 7, 2011

Shotgun Jimmie - Late Last Year
Old Man Luedecke - Lass Vicious
Marine Dreams - Yet To See The Sun
Writers' Strike - Rocket Summer
The Extremities - Dial Tone
Dance Movie - Carjack My Heart
Laura Peek - Stay Sharp
Field Assembly - Alkali
Jenocide - Beachball
Klarka Weinwurm - Caroline
Audrey & The Agents - Don't Think Twice
Rich Aucoin - Undead
Three Sheet - At The End of The Day
Tupperware Remix Party - Hourglass Nebula
Buck 65 feat. Hannah Georgas - Stop
Buck 65 feat. Jenn Grant - Cold Steel Drum

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Halifax Is Burning :: S03E20

Well ol' mister sun finally decided to show his face here in Halifax, so in celebration I decided to play some sweet summer jams on the program this week. Whether it's songs that mention the sun, songs that will define your summer roadtrips, songs about summer vacation, or songs that simply make you feel like basking in the wonderful weather, this week's show is an excellent playlist for summer lovin'.

Check it out!

May 31, 2011

Sloan - 500 Up
Writers Strike - Rocket Summer
Alright Already - Karoshi
Two Hours Traffic - Stuck For The Summer
Cold Warps - Hang Up On You
Heavy Meadows - Sweet Traverse
Bloodsport - Photos From My Last Trip To Salem
Bloodhouse - Endless Vacation
Radio Radio - 9 Piece Luggage Set
Three Sheet - Sunny Daze
Jenocide - Beachball
The Graboids - The Kids
Molly Rankin - Bombshell
The Joel Plaskett Emergency - Drunk Teenagers
Contrived - Celebrate