Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E03

I had this weird cold/sick/throat thing going on this week, so my voice was a little wacky on the ol' radio Tuesday night. That being said, the archives are still down (I know, I know), so if you didn't tune in, you missed out on all the fun.

Track List
Myles Deck & The Fuzz - Lights Out Electric Co.
The Numbered Head - Man Action
Major/Minor - Take Care of Your Suitcase
The Pinecones - Tea Tonight
BA Johnston - Jesus is from Steeltown
Shotgun Jimmie - Mind Crumb
The Super Friendz - 10 Lbs
Richard Lann - Henry's House
Postdata - In Chemicals
Windom Earle - Greg's Song
Gamma Gamma Rays - Roam
Contrived - The War To Settle The Score
Cold Warps - I Got Opinion, Dude
Tongan Death Grip - Japanese Game Show
English Words - Rope
Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees - You Don't Miss Me
The Roots (featuring Erykah Badu) - You Got Me

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E02

Halifax is Burning...literally!

Today felt like the apocalypse. Fires, floods, the second coming of Christ. Typical day in Halifax or end of the world? Who knows.

Archives are still down at CKDU, but they will be back online soon soon soon. Promise.

Lotsa good shows happening in town this week, so I had lots of good tunes to play. Hope you didn't miss it sucka.

A History Of - DC Heat
Black Moor - Red Blood, Cold Steel
Laura Merrimen - Time
Sam Ryan - White Ceiling
The Prospector's Union - The Valley Neighbors
Glory Glory Man United - Friends of the Seen
Gamma Gamma Rays - Growth & Health
The First Aid Kit - My Resignation
Force Fields - Dog Food Thumb
The Establishment - Only Exercises
Cousins - Three Years Old
Dog Day - Synastry
Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock
Daft Punk - Around The World/Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Here's an article about that crazy South End Fire. Heavy hearts go out to those who are temporarily homeless and jobless due to the big ol' blaze.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E01

A new year, a new season. Deal with it.
The archives are still on the mend over at the station, so - unfortunately - no mp3 download again this week, but with everyone back from holidays everything should be fixed soon soon soon.

This week's show was great. Haligonian singer/songwriter and blogger extraordinaire Mary Stewart.

Mary came into the studio to talk about her faithfully committed blog, A Song A Day, where she writes a song every single day, video tapes herself playing it (one take, no re-dos), and uploads it to her blog. EVERY DAY!

She's up to song 118 now, so I had her in to talk about the blog and to play a few songs live on the air.

Track Listing
Mardeen - Ice Truck Killer
The Danks - Treaty Connector
Boxer The Horse - Jackson Leftfield
Mary Stewart - Sweeter Than
The Danger Bees - Paper Thin
Mary Stewart - Library
Contrived - Not A Goodbye
The Holy Shroud - Calling in Confederate Debts
Broken Ohms - Choix
Iron Giant - Creator of Scars