Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E03

I had this weird cold/sick/throat thing going on this week, so my voice was a little wacky on the ol' radio Tuesday night. That being said, the archives are still down (I know, I know), so if you didn't tune in, you missed out on all the fun.

Track List
Myles Deck & The Fuzz - Lights Out Electric Co.
The Numbered Head - Man Action
Major/Minor - Take Care of Your Suitcase
The Pinecones - Tea Tonight
BA Johnston - Jesus is from Steeltown
Shotgun Jimmie - Mind Crumb
The Super Friendz - 10 Lbs
Richard Lann - Henry's House
Postdata - In Chemicals
Windom Earle - Greg's Song
Gamma Gamma Rays - Roam
Contrived - The War To Settle The Score
Cold Warps - I Got Opinion, Dude
Tongan Death Grip - Japanese Game Show
English Words - Rope
Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees - You Don't Miss Me
The Roots (featuring Erykah Badu) - You Got Me

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