Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Halifax Is Burning :: S03E24

On the program this week, I talked about two brand new videos released by some great Halifax acts - one by Orchid's Curse and one by Ambition. I promised I would throw them up on the blog, so I'm making good on my promise.

If you love zombies, robots and sneakers then I think you'll like these vids.

Once you're done watching them, click on the link below and take a listen to this week's episode.

Orchid's Curse: The Workhorse Walks Alone

Ambition - A.M.B.I.T.I.O.N

June 28, 2011

Lake Names - Hallmark
Mary Cobham - Motown
Uncle Fester & Ambition - Just For Kicks (JFK)
Orchid's Curse - The Workhorse Walks Alone
Hind Legs - Unicorn Date
Like A Motorcycle - Hitting The Bottle
Old And Weird - Feel No Threat
Dream Friends - Aging Sportstar
Cousins - Secret Weapon
Matthew Grimson - Matthew Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Dave Marsh & True Love Rules - Backstreets Thread
The Joel Plaskett Emergency - True Patriot Love
Banded Stilts - Forest, Oh Forest, Protect Me
Something Good - Disco Kid
The Details - Weightless In The Dark

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