Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hailfax is Bourbon

I'm in Vancouver for the next two weeks, so I've got some great fill-in hosts taking the reins. This week Ryan Delehanty, host of CKDU's Bourbon Jungle put together "some of Halifax's finest music for summer listening."

Download This Sweet Mix

Cold Warps- I’m With You
Bad Vibrations- Foreigner
The Lodge- Hey, Kidz...
Alpha Flight- Breakfast (Instrumental)
North of America- What A Melee
Tomcat Combat- New City Blocks
Neuseiland- Five Easy Pieces
The Memories Attack- Summertime II
Sloan- Pillow Fight
Jale- Double Edge
Pastoralia- Fuschia of Architecture
Rick of the Skins- Compact Disk
Homo Duplex- Deadly Understudy
Dog Day- Sleeping On Couches
Husband & Knife- Brotherhood
Alpha Flight- Classic Handstyles (Instrumental)
Sleepless Nights- All Andrews Friends
Thrush Hermit- Mystery and Crime
Plumtree- Aquarius

Next week, fill-in extraordinaire Kat Graham takes over.

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