Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E23

Tonight was an exciting one on Halifax Is Burning. Not only did regular correspondent Jean-Paul Joseph Marc André à Billy à Michel sur Armand conduct a great interview with Wintersleep's Tim D'Eon, we also announced a great new partnership with Halifax's only open-mic-for-bands institution $Rockin' 4 Dollar$.

Each week from hereon out, we'll keep you up to date on $Rockin' 4 Dollar$ news. From who took home the cash, to how much money is on the wheel, to who will host next week, Halifax Is Burning is your one stop shop where you can find out what happened the night before at Reflections - especially when you're having trouble remembering.

Rad show this week. Keep it on the download!

August 10, 2010

The Dean Malenkos - Corpses 2006
Ocean Towers - Honey Slides
Glory Glory Man United - Pop Song Atomaton
Christina Martin - I Can Too
Spincycle Squared - Dirty Laundry (HiFirey Cover)
First Aid Kit - My Resignation
Jean-Paul Joseph Marc André interviews Tim D'Eon
Wintersleep - Echolocation
Sister - Wishbone
Rich Aucoin - Push
Windom Earle - Screw Wave
Jenocide - Fashion Icon
Klarka Weinwurm - Eastern Snow
Play Guitar - When She Was Kids

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