Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E22

You may be asking: what does this new sure-fire blockbuster Michael Cera film have to do with a locally-focused indie rock show on CKDU?

Well, other than the fact that I would kill to have that sweet Rickenbacker bass, Scott Pilgrim VS The World (the movie and the graphic novels) was actually inspired by 90s Haligonian 90s power-pop act Plumtree.

On tonight's show, I had a chat with Plumtree drummer, Lynette Gillis, about her old band's newfound fame. From mailing out tshirts, to answering international fan mail, to being sandwiched on the summer's hottest soundtrack between Beck and Frank Black, there is an undeniable revived interest in the band that once held company with bands like Thrush Hermit, Jale, The Superfriendz and Sloan.

Today, Gillis is currently focusing her musical attention on a band called Sister with - who else - her Plumtree bandmate and sibling Carla Gillis. We also talk about how this Scott Pilgrim hype could potentially have a positive effect on this new project.

Check out the interview and soak up the awesome tracklist!

August 3, 2010
(Right click, "save as," send to the person that was your best friend in 1997).

Cousins - Out On Town
Richard Laviolette & The Oil Spills - Break Down These Blues
Long Long Long - Judy Chicago
Bad Vibrations - Good/Bad
The Slate Pacific - Eccentrics
The Grass - Lucky
Feature interview with Plumtree's Lynette Gillis
Plumtree - Scott Pilgrim
Plumtree - Dog Gone Crazy
Alright Already - Regret (Plumtree Cover)
Bike Rodeo - Annabelle
Cold Warps - Hang Up On You

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