Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E12


Don Adams, the host of the Car Bomb To The Heart - which airs after Halifax is Burning on Tuesday Nights - was out this week, so Halifax Is Burning guest star Jean-Paul Joseph Marc Andre a Billy a Michel sur Armand came into the studio and filled in for him.

So, as a bonus to this week's episode of Halifax Is Burning, I've posted the link and the track list to the 90 minute show he hosted directly after mine.

Happy listening!

April 20, 2010
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Track List:
Glory Glory Man United - Friends of the Seen
The Light Brights - I Won
Mary Stewart - Sweeter Than
Hot Yoga - Wasted Fine
The Numbered Head - Man Action
Andrew Hunter & The Gatherers - Capo 2nd
The Stanfields - The Dirtiest Drunk (In The History of Liquor)
BA Johnston - Jagermeister Train
BA Johnston - Humpty Dumpty
Windom Earle - Kitten VS Pegasus
Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers - Stranger
Boxer The Horse - Mary Meets The Pilot
English Words - Rope
Sister Jack - Scary Movies
Broken Ohms - Choix
Sleepless Nights - Coup d'Etat
Owl - Roadtrip

Jean-Paul Joseph Marc Andre hosts the Boat Bomb to the Heart show

Track List:
Said The Whale - Emerald Lake, AB
Hannah Georgas - Lovesick
Richard Lann - Henry's House
Dance Movie - Me & You & Everyone We Know
Instruments - National Laboratory
Burnt Black - Novocaine
Conway Twitty - I Still See The Want To In Your Eyes
Andrew Watt & The Glory Glory - One Day At A Time
The Stance - You Lost My Love
Hawksley Workman - We'll Make Time (Even When There Ain't No Time)
Bad Vibrations - Good/Bad
Static In Action - Named
The Hextalls - My Dad VS Shania Twain
Dog Day - Dark Day
Oromocto Diamond - Le Choc du Futur
Postdata - The Coroner
Christopher Robin Device - I Can't Stop You Now (?)
Cursed Arrows - Run Forever
Dinosaur Bones - Royalty
A History Of - National Tectonic
Young Galaxy - Destroyer

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