Thursday, September 23, 2010

Halifax Is Burning :: S02E29

Check out that sweet poster for this sweet event! I hope to see you all at the bowling alley on Sunday night. It's going to be a hell of a time, and don't forget that all the money goes to a great cause - it helps funds shows like this and other independent radio endeavours. Check out the CKDU Funding Drive website for info on all our other funding drive shows.

Had lots of fun at the station this week. Check it out.

September 21, 2010
(right click, "save as," send to as many people as possible and tell them about funding drive)

Karkwa - L'Acouphène
Radio Radio - TomTom
Writer's Strike - Bad Time
Myles Deck & The Fuzz - Easy
Windom Earle - You're Tearing Me Apart
Long Long Long - Drugstore (3am)
Quaker Parents - Yes, Alright
Bike Rodeo - Broke On Payday
The Fat Stupids - Cliched Love Song
BA Johnston - Love Me Like My Minivan
The Burning Hell - The Berlin Conference
The Grass - Casino Taxi
Nerd Army - Beetlejuice Theme
The Workhorse Walks Alone - Orchid's Curse
Kestrels - The Light
Grand Theft Bus - Don't Go Say That

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