Monday, May 23, 2011

Halifax Is Burning :: S03E18

This week was a very special extended version of Halifax Is Burning. I had the opportunity to extend the show for an extra hour and half, so I took the opportunity to host an extensive preview of the Long Live The Queen festival, which is a new up and coming music and arts festival here in Halifax.

But before I got into that, some of the guys from The Belle Comedians stopped by to talk about their weekend show with Wax Mannequin.

Have a listen.

May 17, 2011

(extended playlist!)
Wax Mannequin – Tell The Doctor
The Belle Comedians – Lost In The Straws
In-Studio Interview with The Belle Comedians
The Belle Comedians – The Big Empty
Wax Mannequin – The Price
Lake Names – Hallmark
Joel Plaskett – On the Rail
Sloan – I’ve Gotta Know
Crosss – Backbone
Mayor McCa – Drinkalottawater
Siller Kissers – You Could Even Like Me
Cursed Arrows – Death Rattle Blues
Bike Rodeo – Roger’s Rabbit
Rattail – Georger Mounsey (Remix)
Rituals – Our Blood
Old Man Ludecke – Machu Picchu
Klarka Weinwurm – Caroline
Gianna Lauren – Become What You Can’t Be
The Prospector’s Union – Flaming Death
The Chitz – Reactionary
Envision – Reinvention
D’EON – Transparency
Deadhorse – Glam Rock
Play Guitar - Cold Crystal Shield
Long Weekends – Quarter Sticks
Bahamas – Hockey Teeth
Rebekah Higgs – Little Voice
Al Tuck – Face Down On The Page
Ruth Minnikin – Southern Misfortune
Sister – Wishbone
Plumtree – Scott Pilgrim
Dr. Ew – Do As The Lord Tells Me
Jon McKiel – Motion Pictures
Ghettosocks – Out For Treats
Brandon Dramatic – Jones For It
VKNGS – Nine Teen
Wintersleep – Preservation (Daytrotter Session)
Snailhouse - Apple

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