Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Halifax Is Burning :: S03E08

It's not often I deviate from music on the show, but this week something got me so riled up, I couldn't help but talk about it.

Over the weekend in a community close to where I grew up, during a hockey game between rival French and English teams, someone set an Acadian flag on fire.

As a proud Acadian and co-founder of the record label Acadian Embassy, I took this as a direct attack on our culture, heritage and history. Unfortunately, the police didn't see it the same way. Cpl. Chris Thibedeau of Meteghan RCMP called the person who burned the flag "an imebecile" but did not agree that the action constituted a hate crime.

I disagree.

In a community already bubbling with decades of French/English conflict, this incident not only further serves to incite hatred of "the other" in each community, it also is indicative of the kind of attitudes that lead moronic kids to think that attacking a community based solely on their heritage, language, culture, is acceptable. Moreover, by not taking any action whatsoever, the authorities only condone these behaviours, the actions and these discriminating attitudes.

Anyways, in support of our culture, I played some great Acadian music to kick off the show this week.

Have a listen:

February 22, 2011

Radio Radio - Enfant Speciale
Bette & Wallet - OGM
Rain Over St. Ambrose - Headstone Lights
Cousins - Nans
Duzheknew - Home Caste
Dog Day - Scratches
Jon McKiel - Motion Pictures
Jon McKiel - Songs At Night
Fred Squire - We Are All The Middle Child
Kuato - Schindler's Lisp
Union Of The Snake - Decades
INSTRUMENTS - Data Processing (Graematter Remix)
Oh No, Theodore - Theodore The Monster
Joel Plaskett - Spinning For You
A/V - Ask Your Wife

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