Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Halifax Is Burning :: S03E06

In case you haven't heard, Kuato is one of the best bands in Halifax and they've just released their second free album - Winter EP - available via Acadian Embassy. Go grab it.

Devin Peck, the elusive bass player for Kuato, stopped by the studio to co-host this week's episode of Halifax Is Burning. We talked about the new Kuato record, the band's upcoming tour with INSTRUMENTS, and sibling not-so-rivalries. It's true!

Take a listen.

February 8, 2011

Rain Over St. Ambrose - DG Gold Paint
Kuato - Schindler's Lisp
Medium Mood - There's Nothing To See Here
Kestrels - What Happens
Bloodsport - Photos From My Last Trip To Salem
The Lodge - World In Me
Bad Vibrations - We're Dead
Molly Rankin - Who Broke Your Heart?
Craig Mercer & The Willbegones - Bumps In The Road
No Flyers Please - Dan Clahane

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