Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Halifax Is Burning :: S03E33

You might know Olivia Benson - she's the hard-hitting special victims detective on NBC's Law & Order: SVU. Most recently, however, Benson has been immortalized by the Halifax band Dance Movie on their latest EP, Ladycops - a concept record about female cops featured in prime time procedural dramas.

The band will be releasing the new EP this Thursday at The Company House, but keep your eyes open for a free download via the good graces of the Internet in the coming days.

This week's episode features a chat with Dance Movie singer and guitar player Tara Thorne, who talks about where the idea for the album came from, the differences between male and female characters on these shows, and her obvious affinity for these characters who some may perceive to be "sad bitches."

Take a listen!

August 30, 2011

The Holy Shroud - Calling In Confederate Debts
Contrived - South Dakota
VKNGS - Nine Teen
The Stance - You Lost My Love
Hymm - Dwelling In Buelah Land
Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers - Beautiful
Kuato - Afghanistan Rogers
Kestrels - What Happens
Orphan Choir - Fatigue Monologue
Interview with Dance Movie's Tara Thorne
Dance Movie - Benson
The Graboids - Skate

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