Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Halifax Is Burning :: S03E03

She's been burning up the Nova Scotia music scene for years now, but finally Carmen Townsend is gearing up to release her debut album Waitin' and Seein'. Fresh off a tour in Australia and the recent announcement that she'll be opening for the legendary Heart on the Canadian leg of their tour, Carmen will be releasing her new album next Monday at The Seahorse. Tonight, I caught up with her on the phone to talk about all of these new exciting developments.

Have a listen.

January 18, 2011

Cursed Arrows - Death Rattle Blues
Kestrels - What Happens
Laura Peek - Stay Sharp
Winchester Warm - Cracks and Clues
Postdata - Blood Black
The Olympic Symphonium - A Lot To Learn
Carmen Townsend - Without My Love
Phone Interview With Carmen Townsend
Carmen Townsend - Open Sea
BA Johnston - Love Me Like My Minivan
Hymm - Dwelling In Beulah Land
Bad Vibrations - Waking Up
Homo Duplex - Out Of Touch (Hall n Oates Cover)
Quivers - Kick You In The Stomach

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