Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Halifax Is Burning :: S01E011

Go see these shows, help some kids make some crafts and take their mind of being in the hospital

December 9, 2009
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Track List
Rich Aucoin - Alive
Jenocide - Fashion Icon
The Fat Stupids - Sixteen
Myles Deck & The Fuzz - Lights Out Electric Co.
Stop Motion Massacre - Downtown's Dead
No Flyers Please - Moe
The Fantods - Left A Light On
The Stolen Minks - Viola Desmond
The First Aid Kit - New York City
The Bad Motels - Just Because I Don't Care
The Got To Get Got - Burn Yaletown Burn
The Numbered Head - Man Action
The Establishment - The Day We Hit The Coast (Thrush Hermit Cover)
The Lodge - World In me
Laura Peek & The Winning Hearts - Stand Right There

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