Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halifax Is Burning :: S01E07


This picture of me, from the Sleepless Nights set on Friday at the Red Knight during NSMW, actually makes me look fatter than I am (honest!).

November 10, 2009
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Track List
The Stanfields - Ship To Shore
Matt Mays - Digital Eyes
Gloryhound - Best I Can
A History Of Interview Segment!
A History Of - Action In The North Atlantic
A History Of - Strike It From The Lexicon
A History Of - National Tectonics
York Redoubt - I Said Slightly
A History Of - Munition Ships
Kestrels - Sailed On
Cousins - Out On Town
Cursed Arrows - Here In Time
Coco Love Alcorn - I Got A Bicycle

A Special Treat.

Don Adams, the guy who does the Car Bomb From The Heart show after Halifax Is Burning was sick this week, so I stuck around for an extra hour and played some tunes. I called the segment "Canada Is Burning" because I played some hot new Can-Con. If you're interested, you can download that hour of programming HERE.

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