Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sleepless Nights King Diamond Tour :: Blog 2

On Thursday, we got to Guelph super early and had - as usual - nothing to do. We spent some time in coffee shops, eating Chinese buffet and watching TV on our computers in the van. Eventually, we loaded into the Jimmy Jazz and patiently awaited our friends, Cursed Arrows - who, by the way, just put out a great new record on Noyes Records.

Their set was awesome, unfortunately the people at the bar weren't psyched about not being able to listen to AC/DC on the jukebox, so by the time we took the stage there wasn't a whole wack of people around. However, being able to hang out with Cursed Arrows again, not to mention our friends Joe and Amber, was fun - so the night wasn't a total bust.

We got up early Friday morning to make the trek to Montreal. Things were looking up for this show. We were playing on a Friday night, plus we were playing with a really good band from Toronto - The Ghost Is Dancing, and a band from Finland called Rubik. Problem is, with a four band bill and an early curfew on the venue (midnight) we got stuck with an 8:00pm time slot, which means we played to literally - no more than 7 people - three of whom we knew. We did some math, and figured out that even if 75 people showed up, we wouldn't make more than $20 on the night - so in the end, we didn't even stick around for the headliners. We decided, instead, to drive all night through Quebec in order to make it to Fredericton by sun-rise. Karley stuck around for the rest of the show and said some more people showed up, and also said that Rubik were awesome. I don't doubt it.

Now we're in Fredericton - got in around 9am this morning - hanging out at our friend Corinne's apartment where we're watching loads of South Park, taking showers and sleeping for most of the day.

Tonight we are playing at The Capital - our home away from home - and our tour will no doubt be resurrected from the depths of despair from whence we've been traveling. You can always count on Freddy Beach for that. We're playing with a local band called She Roars! and a band from Toronto who will be playing at the Pop Explosion called Dinosaur Bones.

Tonight will be good. It better be.

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